Live Box

Live Box
Live Box - Live Song Request Program Monday to Saturday at 12.00 Noon, 5.00 PM & 7.00 PM.

12.00 PM - Live Box by Noon (TG Live - Any Songs)
5.00 PM - Live Box @ 5 (TG Live - New Songs)
7.00 PM - Live Box @ 7 (TG Live - Old Songs)

During the Program, Post your song request as comment in this Telegram Group ( Your Song Request may be played.
Only Tamil Movie Songs can be played. No Album Songs.
Send your song req with Name, Place, Movie Name & Song Name as a single line.
Request your song only once.
Do not send these words - Please, Podunga, Next, etc.
Also avoid Forwards, Replies, Recommendations....
This program's concept is to get good songs for our viewers from the requestors (not for the requestors). So we pick only the right songs for the program. We are doing this program for more than 2 years. Unga song vantha santhosham, illena req another song after 20 mins.
FYI - We are not playing in FIFO condition.

Live Box Telegram Group :